Turmeric Tea

He stays in his crate.
Hot water boils.
Sleep is in air.
It’s quiet, except for cars whizzing like the drone of a white noise machine.

I reuse old tea bags.
Kill me.
Tea warms my chin as I type.
I breathe in the earthy smell of turmeric and ginger.

I am thinking stillness.
I am watching the heart carefully open its windows.
I must remain still, allow Grace to unfold.
Or do I disturb it? Say, “This is me! Look at me!”

Well, how much of that noise is actually me?
What am I feeling?
Ok, I am nervous. Anxious.
Heart palpitating with nerves.
Hey, nerves aren’t bad, they can be the positive side of the coin.

It’s so nice to sit here.
The day has yet to begin…
The possibilities are endless.
Turmeric, ginger, stillness, sleepy dogs, a house asleep.

first meet

first meet

I can hear my heart beating.
I can hear myself laughing at his jokes.
I can smell the curly fries from Jack in the Box as we walk to my house
I can feel our hands shaking, as if we were very nervous.
Oh, wait… we are.
It’s the first time he’s coming over for dinner with my family.
I open the gate to my house, slowly and lead him in.
As I slam the gate, leaves fall down from the tree as if like snow; but sadly, it doesn’t snow in LA.
We stop and turn to each other when we arrive at the door.
I can hear my breathing.
I can feel him shaking.
I look into his eyes and say to him, “Ready?”
From where we’re standing I can hear them laughing from the other side of the door.
I squeeze his hand and he squeezes mine.
I pen the door, as I walk in first.
I smell the sweet apples that are in the basket beside the entrance.
And it started with a “hello.”

First Meet by Angela Hernandez from Before There Were Bars, POPS The Club

more | less

more and less

More rest
Less aimless thoughts.

More Healthy Ego
Less Negative Ego.

More, “This has a fighting chance”
Less giving up.

More vegetables
Less spongy food.

More unplanned walks
Less rushing out the door.

More happy thoughts
Less caught in the mental race.

More breath
Less force.

More observing of light’s play
Less looking down.

More dancing
Less insecure fidgeting.

More joy.
More joy.
More joy.

Liza Fernandez

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february new moon

new moon january

February new moon helps us clear the baggage of our lives and evaluate the turn of events and decisions that have unfolded in the last six months.

February’s Full Moon will pave the way for the energies of the upcoming Eclipse cycle which begins next month in March.

Here are my new moon offerings:

I let go of old voices.

I let go of age.

I let go of the plan.

I cultivate micro-celebrations.

I cultivate playfulness.

I cultivate abundance inside my heart.

Your turn.
I walked slow today

wolf moon


Traditionally, the January Moon energy is going to allow all of us to tap into our own sense of ambition and determination in order to get clear on what it is that we truly desire and want to achieve for the year ahead.

In Native American and early Colonial times, the Full Moon for January was called the Full Wolf Moon. This New Moon is the perfect time to plant seeds for the future, particularly when it comes to making ambitious and career orientated goals.

Here are my wolf-moon offerings:

I let go of results.

I let go of pushing.

I let go of wishing something different.

I cultivate elephantine pace.

I cultivate a fresh perspective.

I cultivate possibility.

Your turn.
I walked slow today

system shut down

Perspective of the day:

“Even animal welfare people can fall for the myths. If you have to euthanize hundreds of pit bulls in your shelter it’s easier to believe that there’s something wrong with them and then go home and sleep at night, than to say well maybe some of them can be helped. Because then you have to change everything you do.”
– Donna Reynolds, BADRAP [Oakland based advocacy and rescue organization for pitbulls]

Learn more about The Champions documentary by clicking on Sally’s nose below.

system shut down