6 things about my dad’s death


Dad went into a coma for 3 days and then he died.

On his final day of normal life, he got himself a haircut.

When he was conscious, he asked mom for forgiveness.

Nurses had to turn him over every day to prevent warts.

Dad stayed connected to a breathing machine even though he was unconscious.

This was the first death nearest to me. I had no idea what was to follow.

daily creed

Be true to yourself.

Help others.

Make each day your masterpiece.

Drink deeply from good books.

Build a shelter against a rainy day.

Make friendship a fine art.

Give thanks for your blessings.

Pray for guidance every day.



John Wooden (“Wizard of Westwood”)
American basketball player and legendary coach



He says he’s going to stop his Art.
He’s going to let his life’s work go, since the political purpose that has now taken over this country, like a UFO.
These last 2 weeks have been like a UFO, suspended from the ground, us civilians looking up with question-marked faces.

He’s going to stop it all.

It’s stumped me.
I’m not sure how to respond.
Art will change, life will change, restrictions will be made for the ethnically birthed and ethnically inclined. Always has, always will.
But, stop your purpose?

Like, put on the breaks and with all your might
Turn the wheel to the opposite direction?
Spin the car to the left or right, just definitely not straight anymore.
Go off-road like, stop-stop?

This man is talented.
This man is much needed in our industry.
This man has a future.
But Trump has trumped that.

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5 things about Liza [Pt 4]


It’s taken me forever to trust that something out there has my back — I struggle with feeling like I’ve been left behind and that I’m being taking care of.

I swirl in emotional. I live in emotion. I use to drawn in it, but now I swim.

Body image: 90% of my attention goes to my stomach — how does it look in these jeans? What did the meal do to my stomach? Can I wear this shirt? I work out hard, why does this belly still exist?

I can’t lounge in bed no matter how much I try.

I want to work on film/tv and yet, and yet, I rarely watch movies or television.


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what can I do?


What can I do?

“We meet on Sunday’s to learn the landscape and figure this out together.”

Are we overreacting? I mean, how bad can it get?

“We don’t know. It’s going to be an either/or situation. Either we’re over-stressing or we didn’t take this seriously enough.”

But this is 2016, they can’t just take our freedom.

“Yes, they can. Immigrants will be sent back to their countries, abortions will be illegal, a wall will be built. Racism is already growing, this country is in uproar.”

But, he looks harmless. I feel like his bark is louder than his bite.

“Sure, but the people he’s selected in his cabinet, they are the scary motherfuckers.”

What about the rest of government? Won’t they stop him?

“Republicans are the House majority, a lot of this stuff is likely to pass because we don’t have a fighting chance against their majority.”

What can I do? I’m only one person.

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idea awareness cycle


OMG, Seth Godin says it best. This cycle is so damn true, and I’ve seen myself at all stages of it. How do we fix this? How do we take notice at the early signs? How do we jump?


Ignorance: We’re too busy doing our jobs to notice that.

Dismissal: That? It’s trivial. Kids.

Nervousness: Let’s take a look at what they’re up to, benchmark it, buy a research report… Bob, can you handle this?

Poor Copies: See, I told you it was no big deal. Our new model is almost the same.

Admiration: Wow, look at them go. Every once in awhile, someone comes up with something special. Good for them.

Special case: Of course, this won’t effect our core business. It’s working really well here because that’s unique.

Superman: Holy smokes. Who is this guy?

Catastrophe/Doomsday: Run for your lives. It’s over. Over forever and ever.