why pizzaslices?

I’ve been an avid writer since I could remember.

It went from pens and notebooks to note apps on my phone.

My collection remains the same: ruminations, movie ideas, scenes, poems, eavesdropped conversations, and my delicious conversations with strangers.

These are Kodak moments – click! – I store in my brain, add Evernote and then elaborate later. I share them with you to honor, to remember.

My quest remains the same:

HOW we live the question of WHY through the vehicle of WHAT in our lives.

What moves us?
What are our dreams?
What shifts our trajectory?
What do we really feel and think when we’re alone?

These entries are honest, vulnerable and revealing.
They are bite-size in form, digestible for the heart and mind.
They are slices of life to remind us we are all simply walking each other home.

I hope these ruminations encourage you to “…love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language.” #rumilicious

With love,