Beatles: Eight Days A Week

“We had to have faith in each other.”

We grew up quickly
Shot through the air like a canon ball
Yet, beware!, they said
All canon balls fall, they warned.
I see them
Those, down there, waiting for your collapse.
“Today is the day,” they said.

How do you stay creative?
Whether it’s the world offered to you on a silver spoon
In the thick of life’s drudgery,
Where monotony and struggle are your best friends
Spoons are only bought from Salvation Army.
Either one —
One must decide to stay creative.
Cuz both worlds choke.

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get swept under

I don’t want to be your friend
I just want to be your lover
No matter how it ends
No matter how it starts

Forget about your house of cards
And I’ll do mine
Forget about your house of cards
And I’ll do mine

Fall off the table
Get swept under
Denial, denial

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i’m ready

I want to
I want to be someone else or I’ll explode
Floatin’ upon this surface for the birds
The birds
The birds

You want me?
Fuckin’ well, come and find me
I’ll be waitin’
With a gun and a pack of sandwiches
And nothin’

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gongs + bowls

Aboriginal Gongs

I grew up with Gongs.
Aboriginal Gongs, to be exact.
Long, elaborate explorations of story through music.
True evidence of using sound, music, and chants to heal the sick dates back thousands of years to ancient Egyptians and Australia’s Aborigines.
Well, sound therapy is having a comeback.

Sounds from a Gong or Tibetan singing bowls in particular hit home for me, and hard.
I go somewhere.
I feel tectonic shifts inside.
Blood flows in sync with the ups and downs, lights and darks of sound.
I feel my heart.
I feel giddy, I cry, I sleep, I dream.
The experience is always revolutionary, it is exhilarating.

Now there are more sound healers and sound spaces than you can shake a stick at.
Now it’s normal to lie on the floor, wrap yourself up like a burrito and allow instruments to do their thang. It’s the new norm.

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take a bath in my blood get to know me

The truth is that I never shook my shadow
Every day it’s trying to trick me into doing battle
Calling out “faker” only get me rattled
Want to pull me back behind the fence with the cattle
Building your lenses
Digging your trenches
Put me on the front line
Leave me with a dumb mind
With no defenses
But your defenses
If you can’t stand to feel the pain then you are senseless

Since this
I’ve grown up some
Different kind of fighter
And when the darkness come let it inside you
Your darkness is shining
My darkness is shining
Have faith in myself

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sarah’s grace

“Full Of Grace”

the winter here’s cold, and bitter
it’s chilled us to the bone
we haven’t seen the sun for weeks
too long too far from home
I feel just like I’m sinking
and I claw for solid ground
I’m pulled down by the undertow
I never thought I could feel so low
oh darkness I feel like letting go

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