bull’s eye

bull's eye

FADE IN: brother and sister sit on the bathroom floor. Sister wipes away tears, brother comforts her.


You remember when I threw that rock at your head.

Ha. How can I fuckin’ forget.

I couldn’t believe how much blood came outta there.

What about how much pain I was in?

[Haha] I thought I killed ya.

It felt like you did.

That’s focus and aim matched with adrenaline and laser-like focus.

Laser is about right — 

— It’s like, I knew what I wanted and I just went for it.

Ok, stop it with that —

— And it happened! Tremendous determination colliding with perfect aim. KAPOW! BAM! CRASH!

Your aim sucked —

Usually! But this time? BOOM, bull’s eye!

Ok, enough with that.

[Haha] I honestly thought I killed ya. My knees buckled.

I’m sure.

Oh yeah. I remember falling to the ground and thinkin’ ‘I’m going to jail’. I was so fuckin’ scared.


But later, I felt like superwoman.

Alright with that —

[Haha] It was the best feeling ever.

Come on, let’s clean you up and get outta here. 


They rise.