why aren’t they flowin’?

FADE IN: two men on a bench.

A: She’s dumping me, man. I can’t fuckin’ believe it. I mean. Where did that come from? I thought we were going strong, you know.

B: I get it/

A: /Two fuckin’ years, man. No, over two fuckin’ years. Like, that’s. I mean, that’s like taking out a car loan and you’re almost done with the payments.

B: Yeah…(?)

A: I mean, a shitty car so the payments are quick, but you get what I’m sayin’. Fuck! I’m never going to do this again, I swear, I’m done.

B: Nah man, don’t say that.

A: No, really! I’m done. I’ve had it. My heart is closing shut from this point on. I feel it happening as we speak. Fuck that bitch.

B: How does that happen? Suddenly your ex-lady’s a bitch.

A: Yeah, she’s a fuckin’ bitch! What part of that do you don’t understand?! Don’t get me riled up, man.

B: It’s just, she had her reasons, man. If you loved her, you would understand.

A cringes like he’s attempting to weep.

A: The tears aren’t flowin’. They’re in there, I can feel them, they’re just not falling out. My heart is broken and closed, all at the same time.

B puts his arm around A.

A tries to weep.

A: Why aren’t my tears flowin’?

B: It’ll happen in its own time.

B holds A.