“Lobbying is about foresight
But anticipating your opponent’s moves
And devising countermeasures
The winner plots one step ahead of the opposition
And plays her trump card
Just after they play their’s.
It’s about making sure you surprise them,
And they don’t surprise you.”
– Miss Sloan

Cards pressed against chest.
Tears bottled and jarred, and placed behind the curtain’s curtain.
Less is more.
Fancy-pancy, witty, funny. Handshakes, plastered smiles.

Whatever means necessary.
And yet –
Aching after a human connection but –
Who can you trust?
Who’s in the game?
Black, white, gray, red.
Apply it, smudge it, iron it, own it.
Hotels, AC’s, black cars, anonymous everyone.

Scheme and plot, do not stop.

Power corrupts
Absolute power corrupts