0 to 60

FADE IN:  two at a coffee shop in front of computers.

She: He said it.

He: He said 0 to 60?

She: Yup.

He: Success came, like, 0 to 60?

She nods energetically. 

She: I think it’s inspirational, you know.

He looks off.

She: Like, it can happen to any of us.

He: I mean…the word ‘preparation’ is coming to mind.

She: You think he was prepared for what was in store?

He looks off.

She: Like. No one is fully–

He: Luck?

She: Stop rationalizing it. Zero to 60 is a great thing, and it happens to someone every day and this time, it’s happening to someone we know. Right here, right now.

He: Yeah…

She: That means it’s doable.

He: Ok.

She: God, your stubborn. Now, finish your sandwich and let’s get on with it.

He nods.