“Eek!” moments

What does it mean to trust?

How much do you trust your own voice?

How much do you trust that the Universe has your back?

How much do you trust that you’re right on time, right on schedule?

I heard something about trust recently: imagine working towards your goals for 6 days a week. And then on the 7th, letting God/Universe/Nature do its thang. Like “Nature’s Day”, but weekly. Where Nature takes your hard earned energy/focus and like seeds of a plant, adds Her magical touch so your plant grows rich and strong. And glorious.

Work for 6. Rest on the 7th. Cuz you undoubtedly know Nature will be taking care of you.

Ok, let’s digest that.
How does that make me feel inside?
If feels fuzzy inside.
It feels cheeky like I’m doing something wrong, a kind of “Eek!” sensation
Like a doctor’s note getting me out of school early.

Can I take a day off?
Can I trust that God has some juicy fun stuff in store for me?
Can I allow myself to rest, recuperate, reflect, refresh — let all the R’s do their thang?

Letting go is as frightening as jumping out of a plane.
Uh, scratch that.
Jumping out of a plane feels a little more doable.
Yea, so much old baggage comes with trust and the lack thereof.

Here’s what I got to work with:”Eek!” moments and baby steps.