Waiting Dreams

Oscar Reflections…

We saw her as a typical waiter going through the protocols of a new table with unfamiliar faces. I noticed she had a warm smile.

She told us the specials and then I asked completely off subject, “Are the Oscars your thing?”
A spell was broken. She really looked at me and said, “They are, very much so.”

Could’ve been my emotions running amok, but my heart choked and oozed all over the place.
My eyes welled and held back tears with so much pressure.
I knew it, before she said anything.
Suddenly we were sisters.

“Me too,” I struggled to say.

“Did you watch all the movies?” She asked.

“No, but some though.”

“I watched them all. They were good, some better than others.” She looked down to her writing pad, “It’s a hard night to get through cuz it means so much to me, so I decided to work it.” She chuckles, “Watch it peripherally,” she points up to the one television hanging on the wall like a trophy.

I asked her who she thought would win for best actor, male and female; best supporting, best film, etc. She had answers and came prepared. The word passion came to mind.

“Would you have preferred to be around friends tonight and watch it that way?”

She took a moment, staring into my eyes as she let my question land…

“No, it would’ve hurt more.”