embrace the chaos

embrace the chaos

Embrace the chaos, she says
Dance with the unknown, she says.
When the dark comes, appreciate its shade.
When the light comes, sing to the exposure.
Yup, celebrate the downs too.
Thank your lucky starts you understand contrast, you’ve experienced “other”.

Embrace the chaos.
Since this is all temporary,
Since we can’t hold onto the ever-repeating known,
Since the only thing permanent is change —
Why bother fighting?

So, I can’t wake up earlier than I want to.
So, I can’t get to that exercise class today.
So, I’ll call him tomorrow.
So, I’ll send that email, write that song, dance that tune, sing those blues, cook that leftover food —

Embrace it.
The chaos is life.

When we release the grip:
〉the hand softens
〉the body relaxes
〉the breath returns
〉the mind calms
〉the view becomes clearer
〉humility washes away anxiety
and then…
〉perspective emerges.

Embrace the chaos.
Liza Fernandez