something creative

something creative

Walk the dog.
Feed dog.
Sign on for work.
Answer emails, texts, Skype chats, maybe phone calls.
Prevent potential fires.

Do something creative? 

Take dog for walk.
Meetings, midday snack (for you and dog).
Wash dishes.
Do laundry.
Keep working.
Walk dog.

Look at your personal To Do list? 

Missed calls and unanswered texts.
Lunch becomes early dinner.
Sun slowly descends.
Catch a glimpse, thanks to dog.

Hot tea brews.

Think of doing something creative? 

Bag of groceries at local spot; clean up, shower, skip dinner but have a snack.
Walk dog.
Night falls.
And then this day ends, never to be repeated.

How does this work?
How do I prioritize ME when each day brings about ever-changing priorities, distractions?
My head is so easily able to judge my actions as “good” and “bad”, “right” and “wrong”.
I watch myself tripping on myself before I catch myself walking with freedom.
How’s that?
It’s late and so quiet.
Dog sleeps.
Love sleeps.

I am reminded of my dad, coming home after a long day in the garage.
Mum would be asleep and the kids would be getting ready for bed.
I could tell by dad’s footsteps his rate of exhaustion.
The lock of the sliding door.
The unzip of his coveralls.
The heavy sigh reacting to a very long day now gone.

Do I get this right, some day? He may’ve asked.
Well, I’m asking now.
Liza Fernandez