do what you can

quotes on growth


Completely blank.

Days have passed but I have finally returned.

Early morning, another week, another chance.

Gonna make a change…

So many self-help books, audios, recordings, TV programs, courses, etc.

And yet, it’s about making that simple step on your own.

That giant scary step comes from you.

It’s not even a jump, it’s a little step forward.

Time keeps on slipping..

And yet, a friend passed away last week. Suddenly, in his sleep.

Makes a phone call at 4a to a friend, says he’s not feeling well and then — gone.

Why does death sensitize us again? Makes us look around, hold our loved ones and thank our lucky stars that we’re still in the game? That our number wasn’t picked. Yet.

A part of me grips at disappointment like an trophy.

Another part of me quietly reminds me, “you’re right on schedule.”

Am I? Which one feels better?

I choose to:
try very hard to surrender.
observe without judgement.

Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.

Liza Fernandez