this is not me

FADE IN: art gallery.

Him: No, my talent is a separate thing to me. It is a completely different identity. It is regal, it is grace, it is self-assurance. I am blubbering mess most of the time, but my talent it is the closest thing I have to God.

Her: Your talent is separate from you?

Him: That is correct. It is “other”. It is where I draw strength from — I mean, I cannot explain it. I bow down to my talent. It does not need me. That is what is very fascinating to me.

She looks on inquisitively.

Him: So many people want something or need something. The talent inside me does not need me. It channels through me, if the line is clear, and if not, it stops. It has no desire for me, so of course, I come running to it. I am addicted to it.

She smiles.

Him: No, really, I am at its service. I will do anything for it. I hope one day I can take on some of that confidence, that grace, that effortlessness.

She looks at his painting.

Him: This piece is in honor of the Greatness inside me.

She: That’s not you.

Him: Correct, that is not me.

He smiles at his work with pride.