wild | precious

wild | precious

Silence for days.
Well, the busy-ness of others causing silence on my creative end.
How time has passed.
Important stuff for others and some good stuff for me.
More like snacks and meals.
Trying to find more of a balance.
I love snacking, but not like this.

Always both happening simultaneously
It’s important to pull your head out of the sand and see the expansive
The vastness that is life itself.
The one wild and precious life we have (thanks Mary Oliver)

Hm…Wild? Precious?

God, I hope I’m doing that, living that.
Meeting strangers, exploring the hood, trying something new, saluting the sun, breathing, sweating, loving, listening, putting effort in and out.

But, wild and precious?

My life is simple, my life is full, my life has questions.
And, yes, I yearn.
I want more. I expect more.
I look outside over there and ask, “How do I fit in?”
I lean out the window, like a dog would, and feel life’s velocity; air rushing passed my face.
Reminding me life is bigger than me and far more elegant in its weaving.

Here’s to wild. Here’s to precious. Here’s to the questions.
Liza Fernandez