FADE IN: Guy reads from an iPhone. Girl looks off in the distance.

Guy: So you’re a … Micro?

Girl: I’m a micro.

Guy: I don’t get it.

Girl: I’m small-minded.

Guy: Ok…

Girl: I’m a “how” person not a “why” person.

Girl: Macro: why, Micro: how.

Guy: You sound upset.

Girl: Yes! I’m upset! I’m a How person. How to get it done, how to put something into action; I’m the details gal, I look at the small.

Guy: Ok… (confused)

Girl: Why aren’t I a Why person? (she starts to tear up)

Guy: Hey…

Girl: Why people are leaders, they see the bigger picture from the mountain tops, they do less but better. They are visionaries. They take action from their Why, and everything is in connected to their Why.

Girl: And I’m the gal that comes in and cleans their toilet.

Guy: Don’t you think we need both in the world? That one needs the other and vice versa?

Girl: Yeah, they need their toilets clean while they go off and create.

Guy: I mean, like, we are each our reminders. They need the specifics in place to make their Why’s happen. So, they need you. And you need them to remind you to stay on target so you don’t get swallowed up by small-land. We can’t move ahead without one another, so no one can win the race. It’s a dependent system which takes the ego out of it.

She lets this land.

Guy: Now go clean some toilets.

Girl: Shuttup!