intensity vs consistency

intensity vs consistency

January has arrived.

A whole herd of us are about to run towards health, fitness, goals, plans, love, happiness, making it happen “right now!”
There is ferver, there is vehemence, there is desperation.

But there’s a subtle and important difference between intensity and consistency.

The intensity of it, the hot and cold of it all, the “this is my year!” attitude to find the love of my life, to get that raise, to shed those pounds, to eat better, to do it all NOW. Intensity keeps things shallow and general, and usually what follows is the kibosh on all that excitement and enthusiasm.

Consistency is a horse trotting along. It’s the same-ol’-same-ol’; it’s the clocking in and clocking out, it’s the routine of it all.

Consistency partners up with training and habituation, which ultimately leads to a refined experimentation, you become a “meaningful specific.” A kind of specialist with no beginning and no end, the cycle just keeps on spinning. And then at some point, without even realizing, you’ve arrived. Some may say you’ve “reached your goal.”

Here’s to a consistent year ahead.
Liza Fernandez