no wheel inventing needed

no wheel inventing needed

A movie script is composed of the following:

1. Hero stars in Ordinary World

2. Hero receives Call to Adventure

3. Hero rejects Call

4. Hero meets Mentor, Mentor gives hero courage to accept the Call

5. Hero crosses Threshold, enters Special World

6. Hero encounters enemies and allies, undergoes ordeal that will serve as his Initiation

7. Hero confronts Villain, acquires Treasures

8. The Road Back. Hero escapes Special World, trying to “get home”

9. Villains purse Hero, Hero must fight/escape again

10. Hero returns home with Treasure, reintegrates into Ordinary World, but now as a changed person, thanks to his ordeal and experiences on his journey

Your job as a writer is to give your hero the deepest, darkest, most hellacious “All is lost” moment possible — and then find a way out for her.

No One Wants to Read Your Shit!
– Steven Pressfield