fizz in champagne

the fizz in champagne

Playful: adjective

1. Full of play or fun; sportive; frolicsome.
2. Pleasantly humorous or jesting: a playful remark.

Playfulness scares the shit outta me.
It is now my word for 2017.

Playfulness is the fizz in champagne.

It is youth, primary colors and real listening; it is teamwork, instincts and responsiveness; it is fearlessness and the lack thereof to know the Bitter End; it reminds me of a smile or a jovial smirk. It is confidence, it is three dimensional…

It is the fizz in champagne.

In a hot steamy room full of yogis this week the teacher asked, “Are you OK to be playful today?” Great question. “Are you OK” signifies do you have it in you to take on a challenge such as this? Are you OK means do you have room in your busy, serious brains to make space for something different? “To be,” signifies “Now” as in here, this moment and then this moment. And “playful today” signifies zero commitments; it is more like a teaser, a sample, a taste, a wooing of sorts that lures you in for more. Playful attracts Curiosity. Why, of course, it is Playful’s best friend.

They are the fizz in champagne.

Playful takes me out of my head and into my body. Playful invites the entire body and system to join in on the fun. The brain’s anxiety, pressure, stress and future-thinking is pushed to the back burner until further notice. Playful lives in this very moment, a moment rarely occupied. Playful is my dog, Jackie Robinson, who will never say No to a tummy rub or to you admiring him tackle a bone in his mouth. Time stops with Playfulness. As it should.

It is the fizz in champagne.
I walked slow today