blah blum blue blah

FADE IN: on a street stoop.

She: It’s just a rough time, man. My family sucks. I feel forced to go home like I’m suppose to, like society is telling me so.

She takes a drag of her cigarette.

He: You don’t have to go, already.

She: Yeah right and suffer the slings of my father’s wrath. He’ll blow an artery if I don’t show up.

He looks away.

He: I don’t know, you keep going on about this.

She: I just need to talk and you need to listen.

He: I’m trying!

She: Don’t be like that! I need a friend right now.

He takes her cigarette and has a drag, agitated.

He: You’re not the only one suffering, Jaz.

She: Yeah well, let me suffer right now and you can suffer in 15 minutes. Please.


She: Pleeeeeeeezzz//

He: //Stop it.

She: eeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!//

He: Knock it off!

Her laugh turns into a cough.

She: I need love.

He: We all need love, the whole world needs it, the entire universe does, OK?

He looks her hard.

He: OKAY?!! This world is hurling into a huge crash, it’s a matter of time before life as we know it explodes for good so we can start over and forget this, this ever happened —

She: Hey! It’s not 15 minutes yet.

She punches him playfully.

He: Fine. Your dad — blah, blah, BLAH!

She: You’re an asshole. Do I go home or what?

He shouts.


She: He might give me money…

He stops.

He: Oh yeah? How can you be sure.

She: If I go home.