i walked slow today

I walked slow today

I walked slow today.
I watched my feet take each step.
I felt the sun on my skin and the light breeze play with my fly-aways.
I felt my hand on his leash, and my heart blowing kisses to my adorable dog.

I walked slow today.

I found myself utterly aware of the sounds in my place.
I caught the sun making shapes for my amusement.
I smelt the elegant build of homemade lunch cooking on the stove.
I clocked my lover’s lips curling up into a smile just for me.

I walked slow today.

I felt my fingers tickle and grip various objects.
I watched my lungs expand to catch the next breath.
I quietened my voice to make room for the subtle.
I observed my slow-moving thoughts.

Because I walked slow today.
I walked slow today