6 things you didn’t know about dad

My father had high blood pressure and knew it, and still didn’t want to take anything for it.

He suffered from untreated depression.

He was a mystery to me; there were stories he took to his grave.

He was an entrepreneur before it was a fad.

He was obsessed with planes and dreamed of another life.

My father’s stopwatch still goes off at midnight every night.

Author: pizzaslices

Liza is an actor and co-creator of Subway Token Films, a film production company that captures Street Level Miracles through films. That is, moments in our lives when the story as we know it stops, the lens is pulled back and something more expansive is revealed to us. Liza has won awards and audiences alike for her portrayals of the immigrant story on stage and film. She lives in New York City and Los Angeles with her partner, actor Felix Solis.