the lowest hanging fruit


It’s inevitable.
It happpens ALL THE TIME.
And yet, it’s always news to us. It’s shocking, it’s disconcerting, it’s not what we anticipated.

Well, what did we anticipate? The ever-repeating known?

Change is hard.
It’s the “Don’t touch that piece of cake, you’re on a roll” and the “Stay positive and trust, damn it!”
Change is growth is change is growth is change is growth.

But yet, there’s a kind of preparation to it.
A kind of planning but then not.

It’s not waiting.
It’s not swaying in the wind.
It’s not trying to stomp it out. Well, we can’t.

It’s taking it at its core value, it’s purpose.
It’s saying to the Universe, “I see you, I respect that you’re here. And I trust there’s a reason for it.” Oh, trust…

How do we do that?
Pick the lowest hanging fruit.
Where do you see something you can change now to better tomorrow?
What’s hanging in your consciousness right Now that your gut says, “this one.”
This is where it starts.

By picking the lowest hanging fruit, we build strength to climb higher and stretch for the real treasure.