define the nightmare [Pt 2]

What is the absolute worst that could happen if you did what you want to do?

It would be like cutting shapes into the regular routine.
Getting filthy.
Swimming in the sweaty armpits and hands and pounding heart.
Saying NO to the Known Yes.

It’s about picking up the phone and not sending the email or text.
Putting myself on tape and sending it out into the universe —
“Hey Universe, this is me! Hi! I’m alive! I’m here at your service.”
It’s about trusting the GPS inside.

But get this, here’s the scary part.

It’s about getting comfortable with the idea that I am exactly where I am meant to be.
That today’s amount of work is perfectly fine. Huh.
That I can’t be working 24/7.
There is no “over there” or else I would be there.
There is no right or wrong, cuz who decides that?

And here’s the clincher:

It’s about crystalizing what I’m doing and thinking.
I think I got the thinking down (ish) — yoga, meditation twice a day, eating right, surrounding myself with creatively bad-ass people. Blahblah.
But … doing??

I’m not answering the question. What’s the nightmare?
Exposing myself.
Revealing more than I feel comfortable with.
Not be accepted, and even worse, not being significant.

Yup, significance. We all want it to some capacity.

What if I let that all go?
Released that baggage, threw it out!
Maybe experiencing some of the nightmare will wake me up?
Maybe…the dark will help me live in the light.

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