define the nightmare [Pt 1]

What is your absolute worst nightmare?

Ok, here goes.

I’ve been evicted, I’m now homeless.
I’ve lost my job, the roof over my head, family and friends.
I have nothing and no one.

I’m drifting.
I’m floating through existence, lost all contact with my desires.
I’m meandering through reality trying desperately to plant my feet.
Or maybe, maybe, my feet are cemented to the ground and the idea of flying, or being held up suspended in my creativity, is GONE.

Creativity is lost.
It is non-existent.
Like all possession and family, it too has deserted me.
There’s a hollow space in my heart, in my life.

The nightmare continues…

I never make it.
The journey I’ve been working towards hits a dead end.
Or POPS like a balloon
I never reach the top of the mountain.
I’m forever wondering through lawless, no-exit grounds.

I never make it…
What does that feel like?
I’ll be forgotten, I’ll be unloved.
I’ll be a ghost that may or may not have lived.

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