2016 got us like…

It’s that GAP time. Not the boring clothing but the time between Xmas and NYE that brings much reflection.

At my film production company, Subway Token Films, we like to take a moment and reflect on what we leave behind in 2016 (ie: the president-elect) and what we want to bring into 2017.

To keep it playful, here’s an amazing 2016 poem by STF’er Santa Baskin and read by Executive Producer, Felix Solis.

May you have a reflective, fun and safe holiday,
I walked slow today



How did it begin?

Did it come to you after pressing snooze, turning over and letting the subconscious play a little longer?

Did it hit you while spooning sugar into your coffee one morning?

Or was it during The Grind of sitting down to your usual writing ritual, when an image of the city, the kid, the circumstance, hit you?

How did it happen?

Sometimes this industry is like walking through a museum and there’s this show and that movie, and as you peruse the art, every once in a while, there’s an artist that hits home, that not only invades personal space but reaches in and gropes the heart. Fondles it. The art is breathtaking. The story behind the story is deep, specific, desired, and “of course”.

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blah blum blue blah

FADE IN: on a street stoop.

She: It’s just a rough time, man. My family sucks. I feel forced to go home like I’m suppose to, like society is telling me so.

She takes a drag of her cigarette.

He: You don’t have to go, already.

She: Yeah right and suffer the slings of my father’s wrath. He’ll blow an artery if I don’t show up.

He looks away.

He: I don’t know, you keep going on about this.

She: I just need to talk and you need to listen.

He: I’m trying!

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December winter solstice moon

During this month the winter cold fastens its grip, and nights are at their longest and darkest. It is also sometimes called the Moon before Yule. The term Long Night Moon is a doubly appropriate name because the midwinter night is indeed long, and because the Moon is above the horizon for a long time. The midwinter full Moon has a high trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low Sun.

My December’s New Moon winter solstice offerings are:

I let go of fear.

I let go of corrections.

I let go of predictions.

I cultivate laughter.

I cultivate consistency .

I cultivate celebrating accomplishments.

Your turn.
I walked slow today

no longer + not yet

before new years eveThis quote hit me hard this year:

Honor the space between no longer and not yet.

It’s an interesting time; after Christmas and before New Years.

A time of sleeping in, forgetting the diet, wearing the house slippers all day, dazing off, catching up on television shows and movies, lounging in the lost art of conversations with family and friends and, well, hibernating.

I think of pillows and blankets when I think of the final days of 2016.

For me, this is a time of deep contemplation.

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i walked slow today

I walked slow today

I walked slow today.
I watched my feet take each step.
I felt the sun on my skin and the light breeze play with my fly-aways.
I felt my hand on his leash, and my heart blowing kisses to my adorable dog.

I walked slow today.

I found myself utterly aware of the sounds in my place.
I caught the sun making shapes for my amusement.
I smelt the elegant build of homemade lunch cooking on the stove.
I clocked my lover’s lips curling up into a smile just for me.

I walked slow today.

I felt my fingers tickle and grip various objects.
I watched my lungs expand to catch the next breath.
I quietened my voice to make room for the subtle.
I observed my slow-moving thoughts.

Because I walked slow today.
I walked slow today

christmas like no other

home for the holidays

No tree.
No gifts.
No family.
No friends.
No travel.
No holiday food.
No other homes.
No parties.
No guests.
Lots of invitations.

This year we are at home.
This year we welcome a new member to the family so simplicity is key.
This year things are unconventional.

Am I sad? Probably not.
Am I missed? Probably not.
Am I forgotten? Probably not.

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