cute black dress

Cute-Black-DressFADE IN:

I’ve let myself go.

[She finally says]

Jack took a selfie and I was in the background — argh, my fat belly, you can see it from my back. Why doesn’t that ever go away after having children?

Argggghhhh, I’ve just let myself go.

Remember when I first started dating Bryan? I was so skinny! Remember that selfie I sent of me in that black dress? I can’t fit into that now, but wasn’t I so cute? It was probably all that sex.

[She laughs hard]

It’s the little things that start adding up. He didn’t like how Jack talked to me — and he’s right, Jack is a raging 5-year-old, but he doesn’t have kids, so he doesn’t get it. He didn’t like how I was putting so much time in my home. You know, how I renovated the kitchen, and fixed the door, and made those pretty window blinds? This house is mine now, you know, Derrick’s gone. I own it. I’m excited to make it look good.

[She looks off, searchingly]

But he said something that hit hard, “I can see how a man could manipulate you.”

It’s like no matter how much I try, I can’t get Derrick out of my life. I’ve been through so much — I mean, I’m doing so much better, right? — but it’s like, no matter how much I try, he still has a choke over me.

Soooo. Bryan is asking for some time apart. I haven’t reached out, yay to victories. He said he wants a few weeks to think about things.

[She looks off, searchingly]

God, that little black dress was cute.