5 things about Liza [Pt 4]


It’s taken me forever to trust that something out there has my back — I struggle with feeling like I’ve been left behind and that I’m being taking care of.

I swirl in emotional. I live in emotion. I use to drawn in it, but now I swim.

Body image: 90% of my attention goes to my stomach — how does it look in these jeans? What did the meal do to my stomach? Can I wear this shirt? I work out hard, why does this belly still exist?

I can’t lounge in bed no matter how much I try.

I want to work on film/tv and yet, and yet, I rarely watch movies or television.


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Author: pizzaslices

Liza is an actor and co-creator of Subway Token Films, a film production company that captures Street Level Miracles through films. That is, moments in our lives when the story as we know it stops, the lens is pulled back and something more expansive is revealed to us. Liza has won awards and audiences alike for her portrayals of the immigrant story on stage and film. She lives in New York City and Los Angeles with her partner, actor Felix Solis.