ikea cabinets + sky space


The measuring tool has arrived.
I leave New York City, today. Again.
I can’t believe it’s been 5 weeks, how time flies.
I’m turning back and watching these 5 weeks unfold like a movie being played against the wall.

My brain immediately goes to, “What was achieved?”
Sure, nothing really IS, unless you measure it.

I get that. Ok, here goes:

New president.
New societal circumstances.
New upgrades within relationships.
This blog. This amazing writing experience to revisit every morning.
Pure adulation.
New promotion, new money.
Time for stillness and time to process.
Dog death.
Birth of new friends.
Yoga every damn day.

My life is splendor, my life is a full spice rack.

It can be scary and unsettling but also so rewarding.
I am reminded every moment that life happens NOW.
I humbly bow to that fact.
Perspective shifts from the concrete, the what-we-know; to that of clouds.
Life is like clouds most of the time.
Limitless, peaceful, unconventional and suspended in space.
I try to fit sharp, concrete objects of Earth into the Clouds, but it doesn’t work.
It’s like building an Ikea cabinet with shed tools but trying to do so in the sky.
I mean, where’s the ground?
It’s not going to happen.
There’s nothing sharp or compartmentalized about the sky.
It is wide-open knowingness.
The same space I will fly through tonight on my way back to LA.

Happy to keep my feet on the ground and my head existing comfortably in the clouds.