plate of goodness (pt 1)


Ask questions.

Be curious.

Think outside the box.

Lean in.

Read a book.

Take your headphones out.

Look up.

Ask Why.

Hug a little longer.

Embrace the inevitable change.

Dance on the street.

Sing in your car.

Turn off the A/C and breathe in fresh air.

Be kind to strangers, they are friends you don’t know yet.

Be gracious.

Mind your manners.

Respect your elders.

Expand your heart.

Open the door to love.

Eat greens.

Enjoy the balancing act of balance.

Breathe in a little deeper.

Start your day earlier.

Don’t rush.

Close your eyes.

Hold out for inspiration.

Make space for Nature and Creativity.

Listen.. Listen.. Listen.

Greet Hope like your favorite album.

Know that Love is enough.


With love,