“She’s great, though.”


“I mean, all relationships have their thing, you know.”

“Yeah, but. She’s criticizing you.”

“Look, I had a really abusive mother.”



“Like, really abusive and I’ve made sure to stay clear the hell away from people like that.”

“Sure, of course –”

“We went to my Reiki girl and she said I’m an open vessel, you know.”

“Well you are –”

“But get this. She says to my gal that she needs a lot of inner work. That there’s huge blockages.” She chuckles.

“There ya go.”

“Yeah, so I have to forgive her, you know.” She whispers, “I mean, it’s her family.”

“Yeah but, that’s not yours to deal with –”

“Nahnah, I won’t. I’ll stop it before it’s too much.”

“Well, you know. You can stop it now. Set some boundaries, you know.”

“Right… Don’t worry, I’ll do it.”