dear liza, from curious

Hi Liza!
My name is Curious.
We’ve met a few times but you tend to forget my name, lol.
All good.
It’s so lovely to see you!
You look great.
I hear such wonderful things about your comings and goings.

A little about me.
I love discovering, attempting, dancing, laughing, rain, food.
I love the way the sun falls on everything, how light dances before our very eyes every minute of the day.
I can spend hours on that.
I love naps, quiet, Sunday afternoons, stillness, the sound of the waves crashing.
I love 6am wake-ups when the place is for yourself and to yourself.

Listen, I know others give me a bad rap, it’s not necessarily true.
I’m not a flake.
I’m not irresponsible.
I’m not selfish.
I’m not “airy/fairy”
I am not lazy or dangerous.

That’s all just nonsense.
I love to play! I love games!
How fun are games, huh?

I get it. Adventures can be really scary.
But, think about it, isn’t that the point, lol!
We’re not supposed to control how it all unfolds, all we can do is be open to it, duh!
Sounds esoteric, I know, but it’s the Universe’s natural law — only SHE knows what’s going to happen. So, why even bother, right? Why not enjoy the ride… 🙂

I live in a house called Surrender.
Huge house too! Big open windows, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, gorgeous kitchen with big-ass island in the middle, yard overlooking the ocean.
Nah, just kidding, lol! But my home is cozy and it is called Surrender.
It’s such a cool home and you’re always welcome to stay with me.

Whatelse, whatelse, whatelse…
Not much else to talk about…Wanna go outside and play?