New York Retreat

“Don’t become a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.”
– Zig Ziglar

It’s been over 3 weeks.
There’s silence and motion happening at the same time, kinda like walking through water.
I’m not good with “static” or slower than normal behavior.
I get irritable, frustrated and, well, hungry.
Kefirs and dried fruit.

I don’t mind silence.
I don’t mind stillness.
I mind unmeasurability, like “What is this all for?”
Argh, that question is like a sour lemon in the ears.
Why does it even matter? It’s so self-indulgent.
Why not, “Does this make me happy?” or “Does this bring me joy?”
So keep doing it!

Meaningful specific..

I went to bed last night thrilled to wake up and write!
I bolted for the computer, the computer flashed “software update”.
15 minutes of thrilling impatience, like a child trying to open her Christmas present but mum overdid it with the sticky tape.
And here I am.
Letting the words dance themselves into consciousness and slide themselves down into my hands as I push on these buttons.
Like a stepping stone. A rock to land on as I wait for the next to appear.

Meaningful specific.