boom poem for lover [circa 2010]

img_5222He’s quite the badass.
He’s a rebel and he’s the too cool for school.
He’s behind the crowd, he’s the slow walker, he’s the leader of the pack without trying to be.
He’s the sage and the delinquent in one.
He’s the joker, the enigma, the shadow, and then also the ray that seeps in slowly, ever so slowly, before blasting up the room.

Oh, the ever present, Sun. The Son.

He walks into a space and, “All Hail Caesar!”
But he doesn’t like that.
Maybe he doesn’t hear it?
Could be that he tries to ignore it.
I mean, come on, it’s only natural.
Stupid me, should’ve known.

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Two girls before play:

“I think I’m going to call her Magna.” Girl 1 says playing with her mask.

“Great name!” Girl 2 exclaims.

“Yeah, cuz that sounds Fierce.”

“Ok, go on.”

“She has superhero powers. She’s gonna speak loud and when she walks into a room everyone looks at her.”

“And be frozen scared!” Girl 2 makes a fearful face.

“Scared and respectful,” Girl 1 corrects.

“What superpowers?”, leaning in.

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The Stranger Path


This is hard work at its finest.

This is not giving up.

Of thinking outside the parking lot.

Of saying, “I can’t hang out, I’m on a deadline.”

A deadline to yourself.

This is about staying away from unicorns and taking the long, long road.

The treacherous, lonesome, highly rewarding, “impossible” road and sticking to it.

This is about longevity.

Overnight is never overnight.

Achievement is talent AND preparation.

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vada | ancestors

Do I belong here?

A familiar question through the years.
If I’m not accepted by the powers that be, do I belong here?
Liz Gilbert raises the question, “Who in your family felt they belonged?”
Felt they were worthy enough to be invited to the party?
The women in my life are small towny folk, most living in rural parts of Chile.
Most of them caked in gossip distraction, hard work and getting by on the paycheck.

They are also kind people..
Will cook for you
Will laugh with you
Will cry with you
But if you do one wrong in their eyes, beware of the gossip train.

Aunt Carmen wanted to be a hairdresser, she was an entrepreneur, she started her own salon from scratch in the comfort of her family’s home.
She’s now in her 60s.
Aunt Mary started a job with the Municipality years ago as an assistant. Now in her 40s, she’s the Executive Assistant, and salivating for retirement that looms in the distance.
Both are single.
Both hate men.
Both love drama.

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cleaning up customer service

Who: Jose Garbazo
Age: 38
City: New York, NY
Profession: Manager

It’s a real laundry mat! Oh, there is a god! The sign is almost hidden from the construction happening beside it. I had a shitty experience at a very old laundry mat down the road, so this is a great day. A very great day. I’m noticing how chipper I am as I shove my dirty clothes into a well-run, brand new-ish machine. Yes, oh, yes! The long, narrow store is full of new machines! I feel like I’m in heaven; I am quietly thankful and trying to control my beaming eyes. And then I can’t seem to get the detergent to work properly, so I ask the nice guy working to help. And he is actually nice. He helps me with such a kindness. It’s a rarity in New York, someone who actually likes their job. Wow.

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